Tips for First-Time Airbnb Guests

Tips for First-time Airbnb guests

We have lost our Airbnb V Cards so here are our tips for fellow first-time Airbnb guests. 

Communication is key

Be a great first-time Airbnb guest by communicating well. Regularly check your Airbnb account for updates and last-minute changes. The easy to use app is a great way to do this. And always, always, always communicate with your host regularly. Adding a phone number so that Airbnb messages are sent directly and immediately to your phone is an easy way to maintain communication and will ensure that you are always up to date.

Ask questions

Before checking-in, make sure you confirm the check-in time and procedures, house rules, and included amenities. If there are any changes you need made or additional amenities that you need but are unsure if they are included, make sure to contact your host well in advance to ensure you can bring them yourself before leaving for your new destination.

Read reviews

            If you guys follow our blog regularly you will know that we are obsessed with reviews and that Tripadvisor is one of our addictions for travel planning. The thing about Airbnb is that there are no photos from users for reviews so you have to read all the comments to determine if any of the complaints would affect your stay. We found that Airbnb reviews are not as accurate as Tripadvisor so you may not always get what you asked for and be prepared for that.

Be flexible

Remember that your apartment is usually another person’s house so they may need access at times for maintenance or other issues. Always be prepared for minor interruptions but make sure they are announced to you first. No one is allowed to enter the apartment without your permission for the duration of your stay.

Enjoy the experience

Airbnb provides you with a unique opportunity to experience life as a local. This means that even if the apartment doesn’t exactly match the photos or is a bit smaller than expected, you should just roll with it. We have found that the most common differences are the size of the apartment in photos compared to real life and the title or description doesn’t match what was promised. Be prepared for differences and either roll with the punches or contact the support center to lodge a complaint.

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We want to hear about your first Airbnb experiences, so leave your stories and tips below in the comment section.

Safe travels xx


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