24 Hours in Cologne and Dusseldorf in Germany

Cologne Koln Germany Sunset

Our 24 Hour in Cologne and Dusseldorf Germany Guide

Despite spending a week braving the incessant rain in Germany, we were fortunate enough to capture some glimpses of sun and enjoy all that Cologne has to offer, including a short side trip to Dusseldorf. So, without a long-winded introduction, here is our 24 Hour Guide for Cologne in Germany.

9AM || Start your day with a delicious breakfast

Carb loading is the best way to prepare for a big day of exploration in Cologne. And with many delicious bakeries within close proximity of the city center, you will always have a hearty breakfast option close by. Our pick is the breakfast for two at the trendy and affordable Bastian’s.
Kolner Dom, Cologne Koln Germany
10AM || Visit The Kolner Dom

Cologne Cathedral, or Kolner Dom, is Germany’s most visited landmark, and rightly so. With its ethereal Gothic architecture and sheer size, making it hard to even capture in a single frame, The Kolner Dom really is one of Germany’s most beautiful architectural gems. Follow up your visit with a bit of shopping in the local vicinity, making sure to pick yourself up some famous 4711 cologne.

1130AM || Enjoy a traditional lunch

Make your way to the river to enjoy a stroll along the boardwalk. Here you will find numerous restaurants dotted along the boardwalk. Choose one of the traditional restaurants for a delicious German lunch, making sure to sample our favourite dish, pork knuckle with red cabbage.
Schokoladen Museum, Cologne Koln Germany
130PM || Indulge at the Schokoladen Museum

After lunch, continue walking along the boardwalk until you reach the famed Cologne Chocolate Museum, or Schokoladen Museum. Here you will learn about the process of chocolate production, will have the opportunity to sample Lindt chocolates, and have the chance to create your own custom Lindt Chocolate. A visit to the museum is a great way to escape the rain outside and to have a valid reason to indulge your love for chocolate.

Cologne Koln Germany Pinterest

3PM || Sunset at KolnTriangle Panorama

During winter, it’s best to head up to the Panorama around 3PM on a clear day so you can see both the amazing daytime view over Cologne and to see the stunning sunset behind The Kolner Dom. Make sure to have your camera ready at all times and to avoid that annoying reflection off the glass, press your lens right up against it.

7PM || Evening drinks

End your day the German way with a few beers at one of the many brewpubs around the city. Our pick is the famous Fruh, only a stone’s throw away from the Dom. It also serves up some great food so don’t forget to arrive there with an empty stomach and a big appetite.

Dusseldorf, GERMANY
More than 24 hours?

Take a daytrip to nearby Dusseldorf, where you will fall in love with the beautiful Old Town, like we did.

We would love to hear your tips for Cologne or Dusseldorf, leave them in the comments below!



    • March 26, 2016 / 9:37 PM

      Thanks so much! The Kolner Dom is really beautiful and the architecture here in Europe is a major reason why we are here. xx

  1. March 18, 2016 / 12:07 PM

    Amazing pics! Might be in Germany next year.

    • March 26, 2016 / 9:36 PM

      Thanks. Hope you get to Germany 🙂 xx

  2. life is a shoe
    March 24, 2016 / 1:45 PM

    beautiful photos! I would love to visit dusseldorf one day!


    • March 26, 2016 / 9:36 PM

      Thanks so much! It’s a really pretty city so we hope you visit one day xx