5 ways to travel without going overseas!


What to do when you can’t travel overseas right now

Not everyone has the luxury of jetting around the world on a full-time basis. Not even we do, as with Leesa as a nurse and I as an office worker, it’s not feasible for us, or our bank balances, to always be travelling. But just because you can’t indulge in an overseas trip doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. So we thought we’d share with you our top five tried and tested ways to get that holiday feeling without leaving your own city.
1. Stay at home for a staycation 
This one is super fun. Basically, tell everyone who may disturb you that you are out of town for the day. Sleep in as long as you like and treat yourself to a delicious brunch at a local café. After brunch slip back into some comfy loungewear at home and curl up on the couch with your favourite book. In the afternoon, if you are lucky enough to have a bath in your home, indulge in a long, candlelit bath to let your troubles slip away.  If you are like us and don’t have the luxury of a bath then treat yourself to an afternoon at your local beauty salon. Finish off your staycation with food delivered from your favourite restaurant and a glass of wine eaten by the glow of candlelight or your favourite movie.
2. Go for a day trip
Jump in your car, or hire one for the day, and head wherever your heart takes you. Are you an avid nature lover? Then find your nearest hiking trail and head there to satiate your appetite for greenery. Maybe you are a shopaholic at heart. Then research the closest local town to yours and head there for some local shopping. If you are a foodie, then treat yourself to a delicious dinner at the newest local spot in the town closest to yours. Whatever you like, just get out and go do it!
3. Have a theme day
Have you been coveting those amazing photos of the calderas of Santorini in Greece or have you had your eyes on that amazing bright blue ocean in Mexico? Well, no need to run out and buy your tickets right now, indulge in a theme day instead. For example, start your day by watching a local movie set in your desired destination. Throughout the day, do some online research about the amazing places you want to go to. Pinterest is amazing for doing this kind of inspirational research! End the day with an authentic meal at your local Greek or Mexican restaurant, or whatever cuisine is inspired by your next destination. And voila, you have had your taste of your next holiday!
4. Research your next trip
Planning your next holiday can be just as exciting as going on it. So pick your dream destination, hop online and plan your perfect holiday. We have a really cute and handy printable itinerary planner coming soon, so check back regularly for that one!
And instead of simply fantasising about that trip, take the time to create an online saver bank account, with higher interest rates. Name that bank account after the destination you planned for and commit to an automatic transfer every week. You’d be surprised how much as little as $50 a week can become in no time! And voila, instant holiday.
5. Get involved with your local cultural communities
Get your researching hat on and Google local events in your neighbourhood. Many different cultural communities hold regular food and cultural celebration festivals throughout the year. Many of these are free and a lot of fun, so get involved and learn about an amazing new culture all from the comfort of your own city. Another great way to get involved with local cultural communities is to learn a new language with a language buddy. A quick search online can show you lots of people who are willing to teach you their language in return for learning your native language. This is a great way to meet someone and learn about their culture or to even take you along to the cultural events we mentioned before.
Have you got a tip to add to this list? Comment on the right or email us and we will share our favourites on social media!