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The WC team has a lot of experiencing travelling with friends. From pairs to quartets to teams of friends, we have done it all! And to be honest, travelling with friends will bring you some of the best travel memories of your life and some of your worst! So to help you out, we have compiled our tried and tested tips to survive your next trip with your best buds!

  • Travel with friends who have a similar budget
There is nothing worse than fighting about money matters when you are trying to enjoy your trip, so before you go, plan out a set budget per day to make sure everyone is able to enjoy the fun
  • Plan your itinerary
Preparation can save you a lot of time and energy before a trip. So make a mini calendar of all the days you will be away and plan the activities you want to do on which days. This will involve a lot of compromise and planning time but trust us, it is worth it in the end!
  • Spend some time apart
Everyone is different and has different likes and dislikes, so as much as you feel compelled to stick to your travel partners, schedule in some hours or days away from your buds. This will give you time to explore the places you want to see without dragging unwilling travel buddies along with you. Plus, distance makes the heart grow fonder as they say!
  • Take turns choosing dinner spots and activities
If your friends are indecisive, it is best to take turns deciding on dinner spots and activities while en route. This way everyone will get to eat or do something they like at some point during the trip so no one will feel disgruntled or left out.
  • Stay angry if you have a disagreement
You are bound to fight with your friends but instead of hold a grudge for the rest of your trip, let it go! Life is too short to waste a great trip overseas on being unhappy, so let that last fight slide and be the bigger person!
  • Dismiss your travelling partners’ ideas
Even if you have a great itinerary planned out but your partner wants to do something else, don’t just dismiss their ideas. Travelling is all about exploration and trying new things so sometimes changing it up will result in you having the best time of your life!
If you have any other tips or advice for travelling with your friends, feel free to email them to and we will post them on our Facebook Page!
Safe Travels!
Advice Travelling with Friends