8 Tried & Tested Ways to Avoid Air Sickness


Wanderlust Chronicles 8 Tried and Tested Ways to Avoid Air Sickness

I’m sure everyone thinks that being a frequent traveller is a glamorous life with no issues or bumps along the way. And I totally understand why you would think that judging from the amazing social media and blog photos which only show the amazing part of our travelling journey. But a little known fact is that travelling isn’t always as glamorous as what it seems. And nothing holds truer to the fact than how I suffer from extremely bad motion sickness. So, I spent at least a good 3 years unbearably vomiting and dry wretching through every long haul flight, arriving at my next destination and swearing never to leave dry land again. I tried anything and everything that anyone recommended and am overjoyed to share with you a winning combination of tips that have finally made flying bearable for me! Safe travels xx
1. Choose a seat over the wing
These seats experience the least amount of movement compared to the other ends of the plane. Ensure that you are seated in the window seat so that during daylight you can watch the horizon.
2. Ginger tea
Take a pack of ginger tea with you to help soothe your stomach and calm you during the flight
3. Distract yourself
Make sure you don’t read or focus on something very close to your face that could block out your surroundings. Placing distance between you and your entertainment will ensure that your body can orient itself with the movement of the plane, so make sure to watch a movie instead of read.
4. Eat light and simple foods
All that heavy and sodium rich airplane food can make you feel even worse during your flight. So make sure to pack some healthy granola bars or dry crackers to snack on while you are flying.
5. Focus on something else
Whatever you do, do not focus on the feeling of getting sick. By thinking about feeling sick you are more than likely going to make it happen!
6. Walk around
When you get that nauseous feeling, stand up and walk around the cabin. This helps to orient your body to your surroundings and to distract yourself.
7. Adjust your air vent
Make sure you open your air vent to allow air to circulate and to alleviate that stuffy feeling while travelling.
8. Take medication
So after trying many medications to find the one that works, I was overjoyed to find Avomine, an over the counter pharmacy medication in Australia, which is commonly used on cruise ships to prevent sea sickness. Avomine has been a god send, and even though the above tips do help, none can really stop the nausea. The downside is that you will be extremely drowsy for 24 hours while the medication is in your system but you can counteract this by adjusting the dosage, by halving or quartering your tablet, depending on how long you are travelling for.
If you have any tips for beating air sickness, feel free to comment or on social media below!
Safe travels xx

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