Essential Aussie Slang for Travel


The best Aussie slang phrases for travel

Our travel phrases series is one of our most popular on this site. So, to show some love for our home country, we wanted to share our list of best Aussie slang travel phrases. We love reading all the posts about Aussie slang and generally find ourselves rolling on the floor laughing at the confusion that our slang causes native English speakers. So, if you want to survive a trip in Australia, make sure to take this downloadable Aussie slang cheat sheet with you!



This afternoon

S’arvo in a sentence – Wanna go see The Sydney Harbour Bridge s’arvo?

Translation – Do you want to go see The Sydney Harbour Bridge this afternoon?




Barbie in a sentence – The weather this weekend is gunna be perfect for a barbie

Translation – The weather this weekend is going to be perfect for a barbecue



Liquor shop

Bottle-O in a sentence – Bazza, can ya grab me some Bundy from the Bottle-O?

Translation – Barry, can you buy me some Bundaberg Rum from the liquor store?




This one is a sore point with us Aussies because the famous quote “Throw some shrimp on the Barbie” is never used here in Australia. We says prawns not shrimp!

Prawns in a sentence – Throw some prawns on the barbie.

Translation – Put some shimps on the barbecue.




Ta in a sentence – Can ya gimme a hand here? Ta.

Translation – Can you come here and help me? Thanks.



Uncultured person/Australian redneck

Bogan in a sentence – *Watching a guy wearing socks and sandals on the beach* He is such a bogan.

Translation – He is so uncultured.


One for the road

Last drink of the night

In a sentence – I’ll have one for the road

Translation – I will have one last drink before I head home


Put a sock in it

Shut up

In a sentence – Put a sock in it, Bazza.

Translation – Shut up Barry!


Chuck a uey

Perform a U-turn

In a sentence – Oi, chuck a uey up here on the left.

Translation – Hey, perform a U-turn at the next left hand street.


P*ssed/P*ssed off


In a sentence – I was so p*ssed off that Bazza got p*ssed last night!

Translation – I was so angry that Barry got drunk last night.


She’ll be right

Everything will be okay

In a sentence – *Your car has broken down* She’ll be right

Translation – Don’t worry about the car, everything will be okay.



! – An Australian exclamation mark – used to show emphasis

In a sentence – She’s excited as

Translation – She’s so excited!


If you have any more travel phrases to add to this list, leave us a comment below xx