What do Australians do on Australia Day?


Find out what Australians do on Australia Day.

On Monday we will be screaming, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTRALIA” and most likely singing our national anthem. The 26th of January is Australia’s favourite public holiday, Australia Day. So, to celebrate our beloved country’s birthday, we thought we would share some of our favourite Aussie foods, activities, and colloquialisms with you!
Throw a snag on the barbie
No Australia day, or any Aussie party for that matter, is complete without a barbie, or barbeque, as its known around the world. On Australia Day, Australians all over the country will be enjoying snags, or sausages, and steaks grilled to perfection on the barbie. Throw in some prawns, fresh salad, and a bread loaf into the mix and you have yourself the quintessential Aussie barbeque, which must be enjoyed with an icy cold Aussie beer!


Lamingtons and Jelly Cakes
My grandmother is a jelly cake champion. She’s been making them since the 1930s, when she was merely seven years old; and they are a firm family favourite. Jelly cakes are essentially sponge cakes soaked in raspberry jelly, filled with a generous smear of fresh whipped cream, and finished with a lovely coat of shredded coconut. They may sound simple and plain, but I assure you, they are dangerously delicious! But, as a chocaholic, my personal favourite Aussie treat is the lamington, chocolate and coconut covered sponge cakes. They are to die for.
So, for the love of lamingtons and jelly cakes, we decided to whip up these beauties from the recipes below (because Gran’s recipe is a Parnell family secret). And we hope it gets you inspired to try them!


Beach bums

There is nothing us Aussies enjoy more than the beach. Blessed with coastal cities everywhere we look, Aussies love to unwind at the beach. The Australia Day holiday is the perfect excuse for us to visit the beach and therefore, our beaches are usually packed to the brim on this day! But brave the crowds and you will be rewarded with pristine oceans and white sand beaches, the perfect way to spend the Australia Day Holiday. But remember to pack a beach umbrella, sunscreen and loads of water, and check out the awesome Pretty Shady Campaign, to survive the strong Australia sun.
Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, oi, oi!
Our favourite chant is famous all around the world. At sporting events and Aussie bars around the world, you will hear us yelling this cry at the top of our lungs. Next time you hear it, feel free to join in, because the best part of Australia is that we love a good crowd to help us cheer!


You know you are an Aussie if…..
Finally, hop on over to Buzzfeed to see how Aussie you really are. We love these Aussie articles because you never realize that some of the things you have grown up saying all your life are so unique to Australia.
So as us Aussies would say, “Grab your thongs, a snag, and the booze, and have yourself an ace day!”