Belgium’s Best Chocolate


Wanderlust Chronicles best Belgian Chocolates to buy in Brussels

Belgians are believed to eat 8 kilograms of chocolate per person per year (I must have been born in the wrong country!)! The self-professed chocolate obsessed country is home to the creator of the praline and their strong love for chocolate is only comparable to the love of chocolate held by their cheese loving neighbours in The Netherlands. So on our recent trip to Brussels, we had to see what all the fuss was about and after a hard day’s work of test trialling chocolates, here is a list of our favourites!
Enjoy xx
Where to go?
We were fortunate enough to stay near the architecturally beautiful Sablon Square, a chocolate lovers mecca. Here you will find all of the most popular chocolate shops in Belgium all in one handy location. Make sure to head inside most of the shops as they do offer samples. YAY!
Pierre Marcolini
Combining luxury with the finest ingredients, Pierre Marcolini is Belgian’s most loved chocolate maker. His exquisite creations are delicious, unique, and worth the price tag. The Marcolini chocolates were definitely our faves in Brussels and even around the world!
The original creator of pralines Jean Neuhaus has been in the chocolate business since the early 1900s. The fact that his chocolate stores are busier than ever are a true to testament to his fine treats. His pralines are the best of the best and they are celebrating their 100-year anniversary this year so you have no excuses to not visit!
Belgium’s royal family is the store’s most glamorous fan so how could you go wrong with Wittamer’s. With interesting flavours like pepper and gold covered cricket (yes, the insect) chocolates, Wittamer is not for the faint hearted. Visit their flagship store in Sablon Square to ensure that you have the whole range available at your fingertips.
Godiva is probably one of Belgium’s most famous exports so it would only be natural to try it in the country that gave it its origins. Its chocolate covered strawberries are to die for so make sure to grab yourself a cone of them on your next visit.
Passion Chocolat
One of the newest chocolate makers on the block and having already made a reputation for itself, Passion Chocolate aims to merge traditional Belgian Chocolate recipes with modern touches to meet the needs of the modern day chocolate connoisseur. Their dark chocolate is a must try!

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