Top 10 Instaworthy Destinations in Belgrade


The Most Instagrammable Places to Visit in Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is an amazing city that is overlooked on most European travel itineraries. As the buzzing heart of Serbia, Belgrade combines history with modern comforts in the best possible way. The city is all tied together with that world famous Balkans charm that needs to be experienced to be understood. It is also a great gateway city to the many countries in Eastern Europe that are worth a visit. We have spent many months in Serbia, so you know that our recommendations have been tried and tested. So, here is our list of Belgrade Instaworthy locations that you must visit on your next trip to Serbia!

Kalemegdan Park

A beautiful green park in the centre of Belgrade that is popular among the locals and tourists as it provides that ‘getaway from city’ life, even though it is only a few hundred meters from the main shopping street, Knez Mihailova. The park is filled with beautiful green trees, picnic huts and lookout areas over the Sava River and New Belgrade, perfect for a selfie!


Belgrade Fortress

Belgrade fortress, part of Kalemegdan Park, is visited by over 2 million locals and tourists, is the number 1 attraction in Belgrade and serves as an important historical site in Serbia. Explore the surrounding areas including the lookout towers, fortress walls and the beautiful vine -covered Orthodox church. Why not head to the fortress at sunset to watch the sun set over the confluence of the two rivers and capture that instaworthy insta!


Avala tower

Belgrade’s observation lookout situated a short 20 minute ride from the city. This communication tower is 122 meters high and provides a 360° observation deck meaning you will get the best sky high views over Serbia.


St Sava Cathedral

One of the biggest Orthodox cathedrals in the world, this cathedral is in the middle of construction work as it has faced many hardships in the past. The mere size of the cathedral will only be comprehended when visited in person. With the total height of the cathedral reaching to 82m, the cathedral can hold up to 10 000 people at a time. Many flock to this cathedral not only to catch a glimpse of the 50 tower bells that ring at noon but also to view the second church, The church of Saint Lazar, that is located 7 meters below ground. The church of Saint Lazar is filled with glimmering chandeliers and gold plated pictures, and do not forget to look up, as that’s where all the wow is! St Sava is definitely filled with many instaworthy moments inside and out!



Belgrade Waterfront

Belgrade Waterfront is one of Belgrade’s latest developments. It is located on the Sava river with plenty of cafes, bars, children’s playgrounds and the cutest international food trucks. They have also incorporated local youth art, which you can spot whilst walking along the waterfront. So why not grab a falafel wrap from Byblos food truck and take an instaworthy pic with the colourful graffiti!


Boho bar





It is hard to find these days a chic bar next to one of Serbia’s important historical site, that’s why Boho bar is one of a kind. Ever fancied sipping on an aperol spritz with Belgrade’s fortress in the background. To make it an even more instaworthy shot, why not head to the bar when the sun is setting over the Danube river. Ziveli (Cheers in Serbian)!


Gardoš Tower

Gardos Tower located in Zemun was built in 1896 as a memorial tower to commemorate 1000 years of Hungarian settlement. You can pay a small fee to enter the lookout, which provides you with a view over Zemun and the Danube River. Already in Zemun? Why not explore the rich culture Zemun has to offer and definitely do not miss the buzzy Zemun promenade scattered with kafanas and cafes.


Fruška Gora

One of Serbia’s national parks, Fruska Gora, is just an hours’ drive from Belgrade. This park is popular among the locals and even tourist as it is perfect for hiking, scenic lookouts and even picnicking.  If you are there during the Fall season, definitely do not miss those beautiful instaworthy coloured Autumn leaves and grab a jar of local jam on your way out!




Belgrade’s popular bohemian street is pedestrian only and is located in the city centre. As you walk down the cobblestone road, you will come across the many street art, colourful cafes and traditional kafanas. Head over to Skadarlija to sip on local rakija and sample some traditional grilled meat while listening to live Serbian bands.




Located on the other side of the river in New Belgrade, where most of the locals reside.  This road is located on the river bank and gives you a view of the Belgrade skyline.  Head to one of the many famous river splavs on the river and sip on a Turkish coffee and admire the beautiful view.


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Comment below if you have any other Instaworthy Locations in Belgrade that we have missed!

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