The 10 Best Travel Podcasts in 2018

Best Travel Podcasts

The best travel podcasts to listen to now

Travel podcasts are a great way to get your weekly wanderlust fix while having your hands and eyes free to complete the tasks of day to day life. With society becoming more and more time poor, podcasts have become increasingly popular. Whether you are trying to pass a couple of hours on the plane or you are chopping veges for dinner, these travel podcasts are sure to keep you entertained and get you inspired for your next adventure.


Travelogue by Conde Nast

The Travelogue Podcast is at the top of this list for a reason. Being one of the world’s biggest media and publishing companies means that quality is always at the top of their list when it come to content production. The Travelogue podcast is one of the most informative travel podcasts on the market so it’s well worth checking out.


Zero to Travel

The Zero to Travel podcast is a great one to check out if you are thinking of transitioning from casual traveller to full-time traveler. With so many topics like how to travel full-time and how to save money while travelling, Zero to Travel features it all. And even if you are a casual traveler they have some great episodes thrown in to help you make the most of your casual holidays.


Indie Travel

When you have been on the road since 2006 you rack up a few tip and tricks along the way. That’s why the duo behind Indie Travel created their podcast series to share what they have learned with all of us travellers.


Extra Pack of Peanuts

The Extra Pack of Peanuts Podcast brings you the best and latest ways to spend less money in order to travel more. He also does some great destination diary recaps of his travels which are interesting and full of handy tips.


This Week in Travel

The recaps on This Week in Travel podcast are great for anyone interested in the travel industry. The trio behind this podcast have created a crowd favourite and have been nominated for many podcast awards so this one is worth a listen.


What The Pho Travel

The What The Pho Travel Podcast is one of our personal faves. We love how the hosts, Amy and Nick, have categorised each podcast by country and mini-sode topics like LEARN, which covers travel advice that is actually useful! This one is worth a listen for all travellers.

Abroaders Travel

The Abroaders Travel podcast covers a more niche are of travel, miles and points. Each episode starts off with a recap on the latest news regarding miles and points travel from that week and they discuss how to make the most of the updates. This is a great podcast if you are a business traveller.


Travel Tales

With a more light-hearted take on the ups and downs of travel, comedian Mike Siegel interviews travellers and bloggers from around the world on his Travel Tales Podcast. His comedic style of podcast sets his podcast apart from the many travel podcasts already on the market.


Andy Steves Travel

Andy Steves is son of travel royalty Rick Steves and has followed in his father’s famous footsteps with his love of travel. Andy Steves Travel Podcast combines travel, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle to create a travel podcast that appeals to a wide audience.


Tropical MBA

The Tropical MBA Podcast is a great listen for any entrepreneur who is either working globally or wants to combine travel with business. This duo is great at interviewing entrepreneurs who are making waves all around the world.


The Travelers

The Travelers Podcast is a more carefree podcast aimed at bringing a community together and using travel as a spiritual experience. We love how this podcast mixes inspiration, motivation, and travel together to leave you feeling uplifted after every episode.

If you have any podcasts to add to this list, comment below xx

10 Best Travel Podcasts
the best travel podcasts