Top 8 Dream Destinations for 2016

Bucket List 2016

Last year we shared our top 5 dream destinations for 2015 and actually made it to three out of the five. Not a bad achievement if we do say so ourselves. So as it’s the first week of 2016, we wanted to share our top 8 dream destinations for 2016 with you all. And hopefully we will beat 2015’s 60% conversion rate this year. Fingers crossed.

If you follow our blog you know that we are spending a year in Europe in 2016 so this year’s list focuses on countries in Europe that we have never been to but have been high up on our bucket lists forever. We can’t wait to share this year’s amazing adventures with you and hope that you join us for the ride.

Safe travels xx


            Our Tasmania trip was our favourite of 2015 because we had the chance to escape our beloved city life for a week and had a much needed break. That’s why Iceland has been number one on our dream destinations in Europe list since the very beginning. Its natural beauty around every corner, glaciers, lakes, Aurora Borealis, and all that Iceland has to offer excites us more than anywhere in Europe. So we have our fingers and toes crossed that we make it there this year.


            Named in Lonely Planet’s top 10 countries to visit in 2016, Poland has only recently been on our radar. Being a country that isn’t on every Europe must visit list, we are super excited to add it to our list because this year we want to see more of Europe and not just the countries in Western Europe that everyone visits. Plus, we are suckers for brightly coloured architecture and Poland is full of that!


            Summer in Croatia, need we say more? After falling in love with Greece in 2015, we had to add Croatia to our summer must visit list, if only for its stunning blue waters and charming old towns. And we have our hearts set on experiencing The Yacht Week to sail around this amazing country.


            Moscow has always been on our list for its amazing architecture, especially in the Red Square, and unique culture. Russia is perfect when it is freezing and romantically snow covered in the winter or vibrant and bright in the summer, so it’s not a matter of if we will go, it’s a matter of when!

Northern Europe | Denmark, Sweden, Finland

            Northern Europe is naturally beautiful in all seasons and is rather unique compared to its southern counterparts, so we would love to experience it all. Plus, we have a bucket list igloo hotel in mind that should be on every fellow hotel lover’s list.


            We have Portugal tagged for my birthday this year as a side trip from Spain so get ready for the Instagram spam. We can’t wait to watch the days turn into nights with a Porto in hand overlooking the stunning beaches of Lago or dancing the night away in the streets of Lisbon.


            Scotland was a destination we had planned to visit in 2013 but as always time got away from us. This year we would love to make a short stop in Edinburgh before hitting The Highlands to enjoy the lush green hills and family owned distilleries. Also, a short side trip to search for the Loch Ness Monster could make it onto our itinerary.


            Who wouldn’t want to soak up the sun and sea air while walking along the Valletta Fortifications? Plus they have some stunning beaches that provide the best place to escape the summer heat while sipping on an ice cold cocktail. Perfection!

What destination is on your 2016 Bucket List?

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