Cathay Pacific Airline Review


On our recent trip to Malaysia and Hong Kong, we were fortunate enough to experience Cathay Pacific. Here is our review.
At check-in the staff are punctual and efficient. Onboard, friendly faces greet you at every turn, ensuring that your every demand is catered for. We were frequently offered water throughout the overnight journey and snacks were happily provided upon request. We were happy with the service as it was attentive but not overbearing.
The seat was comfortable for the 8 hour flight and there was sufficient recline to have a pleasant journey. Their wasn’t ample legroom available but there was enough to move around a little.
The touch-screen interface made choosing your next entertainment choice super easy! Plus there was a wide variety of up to date choices to keep you occupied.
Cathay’s food is great compared to other airlines. Their economy options are fresh and tasty and incorporate local flavours of your destination to introduce you to the culture of the city you are headed to or to give you one last wistful memory of the destination you are leaving.
The luggage is the only major negative for Cathay. With many airlines now offering a 30kg standard luggage allowance for economy, Cathay’s 20kg allowance is behind the times. On top of this, at Brisbane, Australia airport, our hand luggage was weighed with a strict 7kg cut off, which I have yet to encounter on international flights.
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