Devdan Show: Treasure of the Archipelago | Bali, Indonesia


Few cultural experiences in Bali, Indonesia can boast delivering their audience around some of Indonesia’s most famous islands in a mere 90 minutes, but Devdan can!
The first class set provides a dynamic backdrop for the show stopping dancers. The set commands a special mention, with intriguing backdrops, a full indoor river, and advanced sound and lighting effects which all combine to transport you around Indonesia. The choreography demonstrates the skill and dedication of all the dancers and is a great way to show off the eclectic nature of Indonesia’s varying cultures throughout the archipelago. All the dancers are refreshing and demonstrate a high level of talent in their abilities to act and dance.
The Wanderlust Chronicles Team was lucky enough to catch the show on our recent visit to Bali and cannot recommend it enough! We had a wonderful night and the interaction from the actors with the crowd was a great touch to make every visitor feel a part of the show. Overall, the Wanderlust Chronicles team believes the Devdan show is a definite must-see in Bali as it is a cultural show which keeps you entertained for over 90 minutes and leaves you with a desire to learn more about Indonesia’s vibrant and eclectic culture of dance. We highly recommend the show to all visitors to Bali as this show is a must-see on our list!