Top 5 Dream Destinations for 2015

Dream destinations

Welcome to our top 5 dream destinations for 2015 post! We hope that this post inspires you to create your own dream list and that you make them happen this year. So share your dream destinations in a comment on this post below or social media and we will post our favourites here!
Safe travels x 
5. Tasmania
Tasmania is one of those naturally beautiful states that captures your heart with one look. It wasn’t named Lonely Planet’s top 4 region to visit in 2015 for nothing! We admit to spending many afternoons dreaming about our very own Tasmania road trip through the leafy national parks, exploring the rocky crevices of its gorges, and venturing out to find the best shots of the milky way, thanks to the absence of light pollution. Sounds blissful, right?
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4. Dubai 
Having tasted the luxury life in Abu Dhabi, our sights are now set to Dubai, the modern capital of luxury. With glitter and glamour around every corner, Dubai is high on our list for 2015. We have our hearts set on an exclusive desert safari, complete with camel rides, henna tattoos, shisha, and a luxury open air tent; glamping at its finest!
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3. Cambodia
The temples of Angkor Wat have always been on our bucket list. Relics brought home from our parents trips to Cambodia, when we were younger, always inspired us to follow in their footsteps when we were old enough to explore this amazing country on our own. Plus, the amazing photos of the burnt orange robed monks travelling in and around the temples and streets of Cambodia, have always inspired us to capture our own beautiful images there one day.
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2. Morocco
As avid design lovers, Marrakech has been hot on our list forever. With stunning traditional architecture, glamorous hotels, and world famous souks, it’s no wonder that Morocco is so high up on our dream destinations list. We have all fingers and toes crossed to make Morocco happen this year!
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1. Cuba
We are pretty sure that the newly lifted US sanction has made Cuba the top destination for every traveller in 2015. And we are the first to jump on the bandwagon. Visiting this city, fondly labeled, as “the city lost in time”, is sure to be a sensory treat for the modern day traveller. We can’t wait to visit this year and hope that you do too!
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