Essential Japanese Phrases for Eating Out

Essential Japanese phrases for eating out

The best Japanese Phrases for Eating Out

While we are waiting to start travel again, we can practice our Japanese language skills while supporting local businesses by going to our local restaurants. Put your Japanese phrases to use by eating out and practicing your Japanese skills. You can also practice by ordering your takeout and delivery meals using these simple phrases.

Today’s freebie is our ‘basic Japanese phrases for eating out’ cheat sheet.

Use the cheat sheet as an easy way to practice your Japanese while eating out at your local Japanese restaurant, ordering delivery in Japanese or when we can start travelling internationally again.

Basic Japanese Phrases for Eating

Let’s Eat (thanks said before a meal) – Itadakimasu
It was a feast/It was a good meal (thanks said after meal) – Gochisousama
It’s delicious/yummy – Oishii
More food, please – Okawari kudasai
A foodie (person who loves food) – Kuishinbo
I’ll leave it up to you (chef’s recommendation) – Omakase
I’m hungry – Onaka ga suita
I’m thirsty – Nodo ga kawaita
Breakfast – Asagohan
Lunch – Hirugohan
Dinner – Bangohan
Eat – Taberu

If you have any more to add to this list, please comment below xx

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