Etihad Airways Pearl Business Class Review

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Sipping champagne while leisurely reclining in an oversized lounge chair is the epitome of luxury, and doing so while in the air takes luxury to a whole new level. That is what makes Etihad’s Pearl Business Class so much more special. From the minute you step onto the airplane, you are greeted by friendly faces whose only goal is to make your journey comfortable. From “dine on demand” gourmet cuisine to 180 degree reclining flat lay beds to state of the art entertainment systems and onboard wifi, Etihad Airways Pearl Business Class has it all.
Our favourite part of the journey was the extremely friendly air crew, who made the experience more than just another flight. When speaking with the crew, they mentioned that their great service came from their belief of “treating guests as they would like to be treated”, meaning that there were smiles and many champagne refills all round.