10 Instagrammable Places to Visit in Germany #Instaworthy

Koln, Germany | Wanderlust Chronicles

Koln, Germany | Wanderlust Chronicles

The best places to take Instagram pics in Germany

Germany is a country which blends modern cities with stunning natural landmarks. Throw in a few of the world’s most beautiful castles, including one that inspired the Disneyland castle, and you have yourself the perfect Instagram-able country. So to make sure that you head to all of the must ‘gram spots in Germany, we have compiled a list of our favourites for you below.

Eltz Castle

The Eltz Castle is nestled in the Eltz forest between Koblenz and Trier in Germany. Still owned by a branch of the 33rd generation of the Eltz family, Eltz Castle is a historical landmark to add to your German itinerary. One third of the castle is used by one of the branches of The Eltz family to this day and we are very jealous of their modern day fairytale! The castle is seasonly open to the public in Summer so viewings of how the other half live are permitted.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg is probably our favourite town in Germany. This straight-out-of-a-fairytale city is perfect to visit all year round, but if you want to avoid the crushing crowds, we recommend visiting during winter outside of Christmas Market season. Rothenburg is already one of the most Instagrammed places in Germany, so why not join the squad and feature this beautiful town on your feed too.


Take a look at the shot at the top of this post. That stunning sunset photo was taken in Cologne. Add this aesthetically pleasing Insta of the Kolner Dom, and you have an Instagram feed that screams sophistication. Cologne is the perfect German city to up your Insta game and enjoy the vibrancy of a German city at the same time.

Rakotz Bridge

Unless you have been living in remote, wifi-less society for the past year, I’m sure you would have come across a picture of this highly popular bridge. The Rakotzbrucke Devil’s Bridge is an Instafamous German landmark thanks to it’s 19th Century design that causes a full circle to form on the water’s surface when the bridge’s arch is reflected on it. Because the construction of this bridge was such a feat for its day, the actual bridge is now preserved, and therefore, you can only admire it from a distance, as all use of the bridge is prohibited.


Neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein castle is known as the inspiration for The Disneyland Castle and is one of Germany’s most popular landmarks, with more than 1.3 million visitors every year. This castle is best ‘grammed from a higher viewpoint to appreciate its grandeur. Or if you have a flowy dress in the wardrobe, break that bad boy out for a dramatic ‘running towards your castle’ shot. Sorry ladies, Prince Charming is not included in your ticket price.


Bastei Bridge

As much as I am a big city girl, I’m also an avid lover of nature. I love hiking, admiring nature, and photographing it. That’s why the Bastei Bridge makes it onto this list. You see, the Bastei Bridge is a natural rock formation that towers 194 metres above the Elbe River. As you can see from this breathtaking Insta shot, The Bastei Bridge is one of nature’s most beautiful creations worthy of a feature on even the best Instafamous accounts.

Christmas Markets

Any and all Christmas markets make it onto this Instagram-able list. Christmas time evokes a sense of joy and happiness that cannot be met by any other festivity of the year. And Christmas Market pictures bring that same emotional joy to your Insta feed. So, make sure to capture our favourite time of the year with a festive, fairy light filled shot of you with a gingerbread man in one hand and a hot cocoa in the other.

East Side Gallery Berlin

This famous strip of street art is painted on what used to be a real part of the Berlin Wall. This eclectic area of Berlin has now been recognised as the world’s longest open-air gallery in the world. The murals make a great backdrop for any Insta photo and many of them have graced the Insta’s of fellow tourists before you. This is the quintessential Germany Instagram shot that you need for your feed!

Lichtenstein Castle

You’d think we would be sick of castles by now, but Germany’s castles are so beautiful that we really can’t get enough of them! Lichtenstein Castle is affectionately known by locals as the little brother of Neuschwanstein Castle, so you know that it is worth a visit. We love the fact that this castle is built on the edge of a stone formation, making it look all that more dramatic and straight out of a fairytale. Where’s my crown?



Konigssee is Germany’s third deepest lake and is home to some of the most picturesque terrain in Germany. The whole area is a photographer’s dream in any season. We preferably like the photos on misty days because it gives your ‘gram are most mystical and magical vibe.


Comment below with any recommendations for Instagram locations in Germany xx

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