Is the IAmsterdam city card worth it?


Want to know if the I amsterdam City Card is good value? The Wanderlust Chronicles is here to give you the low down.
Purchasing it: Buying an I amsterdam card is super easy. You can buy them online or at local information centers.
Using it: It is super easy to use. The card is used on the “touch-on, touch-off” system used on all public transport systems, so basically you hop on the transport, touch your card to the reader, and touch it once more before alighting. It’s that easy! Using it at attractions is easy too. Simply present your card to the attraction/shop/restaurant and they will scan your card.
  • Free public transport
  • Free canal cruise
  • Free entrance to landmarks and museums
  • Discounts of shopping, restaurants, theatre and more!
Verdict: Out of all the city cards we have tried, the I amsterdam City Card is definitely our favourite. It not only includes free or discounted admission to some of Amsterdam’s best attractions, but it also provides you with free public transport and a cute canal cruise which takes you through the famous canals that make Amsterdam so unique. We loved its ease of use and it saved us heaps!
The Wanderlust Chronicles Team was hosted by iAmsterdam Tourism but our opinion is, as always, our own.