London Dinner Spots // London Eats Series


Hi Wanderlusters! As part of our London Eats Series, we have compiled a couple of our favourite London dinner spots below. In addition to our recommendations, you can check out our lunch post to find some more great restaurants that are also open for dinner. Bon appetite.
Jamie’s Italian
A visit to Jamie’s Italian is a given when visiting London. Jamie Oliver’s namesake Italian restaurant is a favourite among all types of foodies and their varying budgets. This is what makes Jamie’s Italian the perfect restaurant for the savvy traveller. With budget friendly prices, especially for the Aussie traveller whose dollar doesn’t go far in England, and large portions guaranteed to leave you satisfied, Jamie’s Italian is perfect for the last meal of the day. Sweet tooths are not forgotten either, with our personal recommendation, the Dessert Plank, serving up sample-sized morsels of most of the dessert deliciousness that is featured on the menu, and is therefore the perfect way to end a fantastic meal.
Where// Various Locations. Popular: 11 Upper St Martin’s Lane, London WC2H 9FB, United Kingdom
Ed’s Easy Diner
Elvis Presley’s seductive tones are playing on a nearby jukebox, glossy, red vinyl booth bars and table tops are gleaming under the lights, and a juicy, perfectly cooked burger adorned with onion rings and hugged by a generous serving of fries is delivered to your table. Sounds perfect, right? Well, Ed’s Easy Diner promises this truly perfect 50’s diner experience and more. If that wasn’t enough incentive to visit, Ed’s also makes THE BEST milkshakes in London! So the next time you are in London, make it your first stop or you’ll be kicking yourself that you missed out on their one of a kind, signature Peanut Butter and Jelly milkshake.
Where// Various Locations. Popular: 12 Moor St, Old Compton Street, Soho, London, W1D 5NG
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