Marksburg Castle


Wanderlust Chronicles review of Marksburg Castle Germany

Being from such a young city like Brisbane in Australia, the excitement of a real castle with a true history always gets us excited. The grandeur of knowing that these easy on the eye feats of architecture once housed real life royalty is always a talking point. And the fact that I am terrified of, but mildly fascinated by, ghosts is another reason to visit these relics in the hope of being scared to death but finally getting confirmation that ghosts do exist. As a quick disclaimer, sadly, I was not proven right about paranormal activity on this visit. But that didn’t mean that I still didn’t enjoy it.
As part of the recent Scenic River Cruise we did through Europe, we were treated to a tour of the Marksburg Castle followed by a medieval feast complete with whole roasted pig, a court jester for the night’s entertainment, and flaming shots (a real bonus!). And not only was the visit worth it for the history we learnt along the way but also for the breathtaking views over the Rhine River Gorge and its quaint towns below.
What makes Marksburg castle so special?
Well, it is one of the very few castles that has not been destroyed, making it over 800 years old.
This along with its natural charm, great local guides and service staff, and the unbeatable views, make it a must-see along the river. Safe travels xx
Advice | Even though we visited as part of a tour, based on others’ advice, it is important to try to arrive and book ahead for an English tour at 1PM or 4PM.
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