Mother’s Day Travel Gift Guide 2015

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Wanderlust Chronicles list of best travel gifts for Mother’s Day 2015.

Mother’s Day is on the 10th of May this year and we thought we’d prepare by sharing our favourite travel gifts to make this year’s special day with your mum one of the best ever. With so many great gifts to choose from, it was hard to choose our favourite, but we did our best. Hope you enjoy them. Safe travels xx
    • A great travel wallet is a necessity. A good travel wallet helps to keep all your important documents and money organised and in a safe place. So what better travel wallet to have than a sleek, classic, little black dress of travel wallets, the Oroton Metropolis Travel Wallet. Mum will have lots of adventures, and in style, with this luxe travel wallet.
    • The perfect lip product for any kind of occasion you may encounter on your travels, the glossy stain goes on as a lip gloss but stays on as its original vibrant shade thanks to clever staining properties. This is perfect for the travelling mum who wants to eat, drink, and chat to her heart’s content, without worrying about a fading lip colour.
    • A pashmina is essential for all travels. Its uses during travel are endless. From being an extra blanket on a chilly airplane to adding some style to a basic outfit to maintaining modesty in countries that require women to cover up, a pashmina is invaluable. So with a cute colour and pattern for every style and budget, make it the top of your mother’s day purchases list.
    • Not only is the best haircare brand we have ever encountered, but its greatness is even better and cuter when packaged into adorable mini bottles. Available in different combinatons for each hair type, these pack of 4 sets include everything your mum needs to maintain her mane while she travels!
    • Purse sprays are great alternative to large, cumbersome, and fragile glass bottles that are so prone to breaking in suitcases. Encourage your mum to carry her favourite scent in a purse spray on her next trip. We are sure she will be thanking you with the iconic Chanel No.5 scent in a convenient spray bottle.
    • Do you have a fussy mum who wants everything but won’t tell you exactly what she wants? Treat your mum to a hotel gift card for a luxurious brand such as Hilton or Accor and we are sure she will love her special getaway. This is a gift you won’t be holding onto the receipt to return the next day for.
    • Our favourite GHD tools come in handy travel sized and universal voltage packages. Get your hot little hands on one for Mum this mother’s day and she will love you forever. Not to mention, you can also “borrow” it from mum when she’s not travelling. The perfect present for both of you.
Have you got a gift to add to this list? Comment on the right or email us and we will share our favourites on social media!