Paniyiri Greek Festival


The multicultural nature of Australia is what makes us so unique. We embrace others’ cultures and make them our own by making little tweaks to tradition. The famous sweet and sour pork, an Aussie Chinese tradition that cannot be found on any bustling street of China, is our number one example. So every year, when the streets around Musgrave Park start filling with smoke from the charcoal fires burning beneath some of Brisbane’s most succulent chicken and lamb kebabs, I know it’s time for another of Australia’s best tweaks on tradition, honey puffs at Paniyiri!

Paniyiri is one of our favourite festivals as it combines the Greeks two great passions, food and showmanship. Whether you are heading over to fill your stomach until it bursts, and trust me, you will definitely want to once you see all they have on offer, or whether you are heading over to watch the plate breaking competitions or traditional Greek dancers, we are sure you will have a great time.