R U OK every day


Hi to all our Wanderlusters. Sorry for being MIA for the past fortnight.
On Monday the 6th of April 2015, we lost a very, very dear friend, Anthony. We have spent the last fortnight remembering all the fun times we had, crying our eyes out with our friends, and supporting his lovely family.
His passing emphasises the importance of looking out for your loved ones each and every day. A simple but extremely important R U OK campaign was created a while back here in Australia, and its message is a good one. Always look out for your friends and loved ones. A simple text or call asking “R U OK?” can show a friend that you are thinking of them and always there to help. This short message will take virtually no time out of your day but that small connection could change a friend’s life. So, with unspoken words and regret in our hearts, we ask you to make every day “R U OK” day. Reach out to any one you haven’t spoken to in a long time or any one you truly care about and send them a quick message, and who knows, you might save a person from the worst day of their life.
It’s never easy to lose a friend but we want all of our readers to remember that after the darkest nights, the sun will rise again. So live your life to the fullest, never let the bad times get you down, and travel to places you only dare to dream of. Anthony, we will miss you and hold your memories forever in our hearts.