Sirromet Winery || Brisbane


You don’t have to be overseas to call yourself a traveller. We are all guilty of underestimating the greatness of our home cities. But we have to come to believe that some of the best things in the world could be right under our noses. So, on one of our rare free weekends, we chose to practice what we preach, and we decided to find somewhere new to frequent in our own city, Brisbane. And to our great happiness, we stumbled upon an amazing find, the Sirromet Winery at Mt Cotton.
This lush green oasis, nestled in the rolling hills of Mt Cotton, is the perfect place to sip wine and enjoy a locally sourced, farm to table meal. The winery does not allow you to bring your own food, giving you the perfect excuse to enjoy one of their popular restaurants. Our personal favourite is Restaurant Lurleen’s. Famed for its modern Australian cuisine and culinary design, Restaurant Lurleen’s is a great choice for every occasion, especially with the amazing winery view it has to offer. Each waiter is also trained to help you pick the perfect Sirromet Wine to enhance each meal’s flavours. So all in all, Restaurant Lurleen’s serves up a winning combination!
Our experience
We feel that our meal at Restaurant Lurleen’s was one of the best Modern Australian offerings within the Brisbane region. But with eyes bigger than our stomachs, we knew that no matter how full we were, we had to try their signature soufflé.
“A fluffy, overfilling pot of raspberry meringue goodness was delivered to our table as a content silence fell over us, the signal to start enjoying the decadent dessert presented before us.”
And with stomachs full and the mind relaxed by the naturally green surroundings and aftermath of the wine buzz, we made our way home, as a nearby wallaby and joey bid us farewell. It’s always fun playing tourist in your own city.
Where// 850-938 Mount Cotton Road, Mount Cotton QLD, 4165