SKA Sangria shakes it up!


Who doesn’t love a sexy new local? Lucky for us Brisbanites, the seductive new kid on the block is the locally made and irresistibly delicious SKA ready to drink sangria.
Founder of Spanish Boutique Beverages, Manolo Lopez, blended 90% Australian cabernet and shiraz grape varietals, juices, and essences to create a preservative-free and sinfully delicious, ready to drink sangria. Sweet and cool undertones make SKA sangria perfect for Australia’s steamy summer, as a compliment to a spicy Spanish meal or simply as the perfect cocktail at your next dinner party.
Plus, every Aussie loves a great Sunday session, and with Australia Day barbies coming up, SKA sangria will add that extra spice to your next event!
Also, it’s conveniently available in 750ml and 275ml bottles, making it ready to share or in an individual size for a treat to unwind after a long day’s work.
With the weekend nearly upon us, why not host a fun weekend get together over a delicious picnic, like we recently hosted, and treat your friends to a fruity and refreshing glass of SKA Sangria. We are sure it will be a hit!