Souk at Central Market in Abu Dhabi


Sex and the City has made traditional souks famous! Unfortunately, not many know that although the SATC movie was set in Abu Dhabi, the scenes in the souk were actually filmed in Morocco, therefore no souk like that actually exists in Abu Dhabi! So the WC team was on a mission to find a souk, which sells cute shoes and trinkets, similar to the one in SATC.
During our explorations, we stumbled upon the very touristy Souk at Central Market. Despite the complaints from many tourists that this spot is a mere tourist trap and has nothing traditional about it, we enjoyed our time here. We found many cute trinkets and shoes and found the sales assistants to be extremely friendly and accommodating, they even let you bargain! Also, a plus is that in the desert heat, the indoor, air-conditioned environment of this “souk” is a welcome escape from the outside’s soaring temperatures.
Where// Al Markaziyah – Abu Dhabi
Contact// +971 2 810 7814