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This week’s amazing travel photographer is Joey from Joey Moses Photography. Joey has been a loyal follower of ours since we started last year. His amazing photography of Europe’s favourite seaside cities has us wanderlusting after the cities’ azure blue waters and precarious positioning of their cute houses along the hills that hug their shores. Go follow him on Instagram (@Joey_Moses_Photography) to get inspired too! Safe travels xx
Introduce yourself in 140 characters//
My name is Joey Moses and I have always believed that there is nothing more beautiful than capturing the essence of a moment, and freezing it for a lifetime. Born in Sydney, Australia, however, I am one of the many victims of the travel bug. So you will catch me, from time to time, in many different places that this amazing world has to offer.
Latest destination you visited//
Europe – (Italy, France, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Belgium and Austria). For the purpose of this though, I would like to focus on Italy, and in particular, Atrani on the Amalfi Coast.
Must-sees in Atrani/
Atrani- Visit the small picturesque town of Atrani and spend your days basking in the calm, cool Mediterranean waters with the wonderful feeling of the summer sun caressing your skin, whilst the historic Collegiata Santa Maria Maddalena watches over you in all its ancient glory. When you decide that the refreshing swim has come to an end, and hunger has kicked in, you can venture off into one of the many family-run restaurants that sit nestled within Piazza Umberto I. My personal favourite was Ristorante Pizzeria Mistral. The service was exceptional and more importantly, the food was perfect. It is when you listen to the laughs and conversations of the locals, that sit alongside you and around you during your lunch or dinner, that you begin to appreciate the culture and lifestyle that first drew you to this part of the world. The innocence of the children who play football (soccer) in and around you whilst you dine on the freshest cuisine and drink the home grown wine, makes you wonder what took you so long to get here in the first place. There are 5 restaurants to choose from inside the Piazza, with each offering its own variation of fresh Italian dining. One of the beautiful attractions in Atrani can also be found within the Piazza. The Chiesa di San Salvatore de Birecto, or as I heard many tourists say, “the old white church”, sits tucked away between the surrounding buildings and restaurants. Many come here to sit on its steps and take in some much needed shade, or to just simply admire its 10th Century architecture. If at all possible, that this peaceful little town of Atrani doesn’t quite hit the spot, then head over to the neighbouring Amalfi for some further engulgence. From there you will be able to board one of the daily cruises over to Positano, where something breathtaking awaits.
Exclusive travel tips//
Nothing can explain that overwhelming feeling that literally engulfs you when you first lay your eyes on the gorgeous Amalfi Coast. From the narrow roads that begin in the town of Salerno, to the highest peak in stunning Positano, you will learn along every inch of the journey, that this heavenly stretch of the Italian Coast, is nothing but a wonderful theatre and we are the audience, humbled by its oscar performance.
Joey’s Top 5 dream destinations for 2015//
  • Croatia and its islands
  • Maldives
  • Bora Bora
  • Dubai
  • Lebanon
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