Travel Blogger Insider | Marjolein from Sneakers and Smoothies


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Here is our interview with Marjolein from Sneakers and Smoothies. Safe travels xx
Introduce yourself in 140 characters//
Born and raised in Holland: The cute little country of tulips and cheese. I love exploring new countries and I love taking lots of pretty of pictures while doing so.
Latest destination you visited//
Ghent, Belgium
Must-sees in Ghent//
I wrote down some must do’s:
  • Breakfast/lunch at Simon Says, they’ll paint a face on your boiled egg (how cute is that?!) and their smoothies are amazing!
  • Brunch/coffee at Jardin Bohemien, it’s such an inspiring place with lots of design furniture and amazing organic food.
  • Lunch/dinner at Volta, the food is a-ma-zing. Nothing more to add.
  • Furthermore the Design Museum; awesome designs are to be seen there.
  • For the night: You should stay in this beyond awesome loft via airbnb: 
  • Furthermore just stroll a little, wander around and drink lots of coffee and/or belgium beers. You’ll feel at home quite easily.
Exclusive travel tips//
Always explore the things that don’t seem worth exploring. Go left where everybody goes right. AND don’t be afraid to ask the locals for tips.
Sneakers and Smoothies’ favourite destination//
It has to be New York. Not original, though so true. The vibe, the lights, the awesome new restaurants that are opening every week, the shopping… But most of all: the Empire State of Mind which you can feel in every vein when you walk those streets.
Sneakers and Smoothies’ Top 5 dream destinations for 2015//
South Africa (absolute nr. one!), Rome (still haven’t been there), Greece (relaxing + culture + luxury), The flamingo beach on Aruba! (no need to explain), New York. (Been there four times already. Can. Not. Get. Enough!)
What would your personal hashtag be?//
Wuw… This took me forever. But I go for: #hangry. For I am not exactly heaps of fun when hungry 😉
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