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Welcome to our Travel Blogger Insider series. In this series, we will give you the insider scoop on your favourite travel bloggers from around the globe. If you would like to be featured, feel free to email us or tag us in your social media posts to get noticed.

Here is our interview with Nicola from Polkadot Passport. We have been following Nicola’s amazing travels and photography journey since the beginning of our blog and we are so proud that this girl is making some serious waves in the travel blogging community! From having her stunning photography featured in Topdeck brochures, to creating a support community for like-minded female travel bloggers, to taking more and more amazing shots of the enviable destinations she has been visiting recently, Polkadot Passport just keeps getting better and better. So do yourself a big favour and head over to her blog RIGHT NOW at
Safe travels xx
Introduce yourself in 140 characters//
My name is Nicola Easterby, I am a photographer, travel blogger and non-stop adventurer from Brisbane, Australia. In my twenty years of living I’ve been lucky enough to travel to 25 countries and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!
Latest destination you visited//
Denver, Colorado.
Must-sees in Denver//
Hanging Lake is an absolute must if you are visiting Colorado! It is a stunning hour-long hike through Glenwood Canyon to get there, and once you arrive you are greeted with the most beautiful sight of cascading waterfalls in to a bright turquoise lake. It really is magical!
Exclusive travel tips//
The best travel tip I could give someone is to not over plan your trip. I think spontaneity is one of the most beautiful elements of travel and if you have every single moment planned out you will miss this spontaneity. By all means, have plans- but be ready to change, reschedule or scrap them. Something better is probably in store!
Nicola’s favourite destination//
Switzerland had my heart the moment I laid eyes on it. It definitely takes the cake in terms of flawless beauty. I’ve only spent a couple of days passing through but I am SO ready to go back and see more.
Nicola’s Top 5 dream destinations for 2015//
1. Turkey (where I am actually going in July!)
2. Iceland
3. Morocco
4. Japan
5. India
What would your personal hashtag be?//
Follow Nicola’s travels on social media//
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