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Welcome to our Travel Photographer Insider series. In this series, we will give you the insider scoop on your favourite travellers from around the globe. If you would like to be featured, feel free to email us or tag us in your social media posts to get noticed.

This week’s amazing travel photographer is Philip. We have been following Philip’s amazing photography journey and can’t wait to see where his travels take him to next. Go follow him on Instagram (@Philip_SD) to get inspired too! Safe travels xx
Introduce yourself in 140 characters//
“I am Philip from Germany and I love to travel. Self-employed in Real Estate and married with my beautiful half-brazilian wife. My Family comes first. I always want to widen my horizon.“
Latest destination Philip visited//
The latest destination was Dubai and Abu Dhabi in January.
Must-sees in the UAE//
Of course the Burj Khalifa. It’s the highest building in the world.
The Desert Safari is an adventure and a wonderful experience.
The Friday Brunch at the Al Qasr Hotel in Madinat Jumeirah (It’s important to make a reservation).
The Beach JBR next to Dubai Marina.
You have to try the “Holland Mini Pancakes“ at Jumeirah Kite Beach.
Exclusive travel tips//
In Germany you have to visit Düsseldorf or Hamburg and also the Island Sylt.
In Brasil one of the most beautiful places is the Island Ilha Grande next to Rio de Janeiro or the Waterfalls in Foz du Iguacu.
One of my favourite Islands in Europe is the “Flower Island“ Madeira, Portugal.
A very special Island is Praslin of the Seychelles. It was our honeymoon destination and it’s like paradise.
Philip’s Top 5 dream destinations for 2015//
The Bahamas, Miami, Ibiza, Italy and South of France.
Philip’s favourite destination//
My favourite destination is brazil. This country is so big and in each journey you see different and new things. It is always a fascinating and breathtaking experience.
What would your personal hashtag be?//
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