Travel Blogger Insider | Rebecca from The World as Bec Sees It


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Here is our interview with Rebecca from The World as Bec Sees It. Safe travels xx
Introduce yourself in 140 characters//
I’m Bec, a 24-year-old Primary School Teacher from Sydney, Australia who has a severe case of wanderlust. I believe you can do both: work in a job you are passionate about and travel the world.
Latest destination you visited//
Must-sees in Greece//
One of the most popular islands and a must-see in Greece is the island of Santorini.  The town of Oia in particular, offers the most stunning and awe-inspiring views of the caldera (especially at sunset), the perfect atmosphere for romance plus unique and exciting travel experiences including climbing Santorini’s still-active volcano Nea Kameni, and riding a donkey! I would also highly recommend the island of Paros, a beautiful island with wonderful Greek people, delicious Greek food and cheap shopping!
Exclusive travel tips//
I would highly recommend using the website Airbnb when booking accommodation for your travels; Airbnb hosts open up their homes (and spare rooms) to accommodate travellers from all over the world. My Airbnb experiences have allowed me to save money, meet new people, gain insider travel tips and be a part of authentic cultural experiences.
Bec as the world sees it’s favourite destination//
My favourite destination in the world is Greece. The moment I set foot onto the amazing, beautiful and enchanting country of Greece, my heart sank and I felt right at home. I love the people, food, atmosphere, the beauty of the Greek Islands, but most importantly, I have Greek heritage!
Bec as the world sees it’s Top 5 dream destinations for 2015//
1.Melbourne, Australia.
4.Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
What would your personal hashtag be?//
If I were a hashtag I would be #becsees…. and then insert my current destination!
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