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Instagram Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly here. And with the #Instaworthy craze getting deeper, these are the must have gadgets for the avid Instagrammer this year. The current life motto is, if it’s not on the ‘gram did it even happen?!? We are Instagram addicts just like you and for all of our fellow Instagram lovers we have given you the gift of Instaworthy posts. So, now we want to give you the gift of the best gadgets to enhance your Instagram feed in 2019 for Christmas.

So, to ensure that your Instagram feed is the best in 2019, here is our list of Christmas Gifts for Instagrammers.

Bluetooth Polaroid Printer 

We love polaroids and are obsessed with them. I have this Instax format and the new Instax Square format and I love them both. The only problem is that I sometimes waste film on photos that don’t develop or are completely underexposed or overexposed. And film ain’t cheap. So, when Instax released this instant printer, I knew it would be at the top of my list, because you can pair any bluetooth device to it and instantly print out your chosen photo in the addictive polaroid format. I love using polaroids as props to spice up Instagram flatlays or our famous letterboard travel quotes, as you can see below. The printer itself comes in a cute gold colour that is so #Instaworthy. So, I know that any Instagram addict will be grateful to receive this gift.

 Wide angle/Macro Lens for iPhone



We love wide-angle lens attachments for our iPhone. The perfect selfie can be enhanced with a wide-angle that captures the beauty of the surroundings, and your beauty too! This Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens is perfect for travel shots or that Instaworthy capture because it has a wide-angle lens to capture 45% more of your surroundings, a macro lens for those up close detailed shots, and an LED light to illuminate your surroundings at night or to get that perfect airbrushed selfie finish.

If you want the luxe option, we have used the Olloclip version and loved it! But they don’t have many options for newer sized iPhones.

Gorillapod Smartphone Tripod 

Luxe Option

Budget Option

For the avid Instagrammer, we recommend the GorillaPod Smartphone Tripod which securely holds all kinds of smartphones in place and is the perfect size to fit into any backpack or even your handbag. This tripod will keep your phone steady so you can capture the perfect action shots or low light long exposure shots. We highly recommend GorillaPod tripods for all travel Instagrammers. Their tripods are durable and provide a lot of flexibility for amateur photographers who need to adapt to unknown shooting locations. There are so many ways to use the GorillaPod. If you need to take a photo from eye level, wrap the tripod legs around a light pole. Need to go to the beach, the legs are waterproof so you can dig them in to the sand. And the other uses are endless.

**Quick update: We just found out that Joby, the company that makes the Gorillapod tripods also made a new telepod tripod that is even more amazing for solo travel Instagrammers. It has so many features and can even be used as a vlogging tool. So, definitely check that one out if you have room in your budget!


Smartphone Attachable Lens

We love the Sony Alpha mirrorless camera systems and they have totally upped our Insta game. So, when we saw that Sony made an attachable smartphone lens, we knew we had to add it to this list. This Sony lens will turn your phone into a high quality camera with 10x closer focus and better image quality. This means that your travel landscape shots on Instagram will be crisp and clear to gain the maximum likes it deserves!


You need a solid Wifi connection to upload the perfect Instagram post, no matter where you are in the world. You want to share your Insta stories and cute selfies, don’t you? Don’t limit yourself to patchy connections that sometimes work or take forever to upload. This Christmas put the Skyroam Hotspot on your list. This amazing little device gives you access to Wifi Wherever You Travel without the hassle of buying and connecting local SIM cards, getting hit with high roaming charges, and the fear of using unsecured networks.

Selfie Light

Would this even be an Instagrammer’s gift guide without a selfie light. No way. For the flawless selfie finish, you need a compact and portable selfie ring light that attaches to your phone. With the trend of Insta stories gaining popularity, this selfie ring light has become even more of a necessity so that you can look perfect in every Insta story. Plus, this selfie light is a lot better than others because it comes with a rechargeable battery (yay to protecting the environment) and 36 LED lights.

Wireless Shutter Remote

Phone timers are so last year. Who wants to have to run back and forth from their phone every 10 seconds to start the timer again?! No one. So, the perfect tool to make your life easier is this handy little wireless shutter remote. Wherever you are, with one click, you can take the perfect shot and keep taking them without having to move from your perfect position. Paired with the GorillaPod above, you have the perfect solo travel tools to capture that perfect shot for the gram!


What good are all those smartphone gadgets if your battery dies before you even get the perfect shot. That’s why you need this amazing ultra-small and fast Powerbank to keep your batteries full of juice. With this Powerbank you will never be caught in that dreaded situation where you can’t get the perfect Instagram shot because your battery died.


Luxe Option

Budget Option

Lastly, if you are ready to take your Instagram to the next level or you’re ready to start your social media influencer career. Make sure to add a new camera to your gift wishlist. Both of these options are great for Instagrammers because they feature 180 degree tilt screens, so you can frame your selfies correctly when solo ‘gramming and they have wifi so you can upload your photos and story vids straight away. Our pick is the Canon which is popular with Youtubers and social media personalities around the world, but there’s a reliable budget option as well.

What gifts will you be buying this year for Christmas? Comment below 👇

Instagram Gift Guide

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