Virgin America Flight Review


Wanderlust Chronicles Review of Virgin America

Without a doubt, Virgin America is bringing sexy back to air travel. Fun, flamboyant, and free are the words that spring to mind when describing the airline and their beloved owner, Richard Branson. And here’s why!
Fun is the first thing that springs to mind when you board the plane. As soon as you are strapped in, the boring old safety video that us frequent fliers have seen a million times, becomes a thing of the past, with Virgin America’s fun and catchy #VXsafetydance.
Imagine, a safety video that will have you not only paying attention, but glued to the seat and humming its infectious tune for hours after.
If the airlines were one big family, Virgin America would be your kooky and flamboyant, but super chic and on-trend Aunt who always brings the best presents! With dim indigo lighting, which doubles as an ambient and comforting atmosphere, the Virgin America cabin is always on-trend. Add to that the personable, warm, and approachable cabin crew, and you have the perfect flight experience.
Lastly, your flight experience comes with all the freedoms of a frills airline at a budget airline price. Enjoy complimentary inclusions such as satellite television and non-alcoholic drinks all ordered from the comfort of your luxurious leather seat with built-in touch screen. Plus, feel the freedom of being high in the sky, en route to your next exciting destination in all the comfort and class that Virgin America has to offer. In one word, perfect!
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