Discovering the real Zurich with Zurich Tourism


Wanderlust Chronicles review of the Zurich ‘Stories of the Old Town’ Guided Walking Tour.

Here at Wanderlust Chronicles, we always underestimate the value of a good walking tour with a local guide. But every time we come back from a walking tour thinking “wow”, we remember their importance in a great itinerary.  And the walking tour we experienced in Zurich, was one of those times.
On our recent trip to Switzerland, we were fortunate enough to experience the Zurich Tourism ‘Stories of the Old Town’ Guided Walking Tour. Having visited Zurich 2 years previously, we didn’t have the best first impression of the city, as we found it to be outrageously priced, especially for food, and lacking life and character. That’s why, this time around, we enlisted the help of the local guides to show us the real Zurich, and we completely changed our mind about this city.
We met our guide at the tourist information office at the main train station and began our 2 hour journey through Zurich’s city centre. We loved learning about history of Zurich and exploring its unknown alleyways. Every twist and turn brought with it a new discovery and new story from our lovely guide. Bringing the two together meant that we were able to gain a better understanding of Zurich, its culture, and its history. Our highlights of the walk included, finding a spot to savour the bird’s eye view over Zurich, learning about the extensive political and economic turmoil and movements that were discussed at the famous Café Odeon, and admiring Augusto Giacometti’s artistic talents through his transformation of the entrance hall at the Zurich Police Station. After our experience we realised that having visited for the second time during Zurich’s dreary winter, having a local guide gave the grey tones of the climate a vibrance we would not have experienced had we been on our own.
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The Zurich Tourism Board hosted the Wanderlust Chronicles Team for the walk, but our opinion is our own.